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Shark Radio Update
Written by rvicke on 3/26/2012 at 02:10 pm

I am curious....I'm using the Shark 100w, and can hear it, but the remote
stinks....they use some combination of buttons that doesn't work too well while
you are riding....hard to push two buttons at the same time with one hand,
particularly the throttle hand....;)

My curiosity is how the wireless remote works.? The wired remote is easy....plug
it in and go, but the wireless....doesn't it have to be 'line of sight', and
since my radio is in the trunk....hard to do.



PS: Just bought a new (to me) '02 Toyota car, crappy, while my new, low mileage Toyota is inoperable while I fix an
issue, my PC is my daily Toyota, only 10 years old and less than
70k miles, is less reliable than my 23 year old PC with 30k miles, and
ultimately, the PC engine will outlast the Toyota engine, which will be replaced
before 90k (if I make it that far)....;)

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