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Shark Radio Update
Written by bobb_todd on 3/26/2012 at 02:46 pm

Here is one that might work. Proably made in China but at least sold by a semi
reputable company in the USA\

Bobb Todd
Owen Sound, Ontario

Message Thread for message #111652

3/26/2012, 04:05 am
Shark Radio Update
Well, dang. Since I was the one who was the Shark radio 'guinea pig', thought I'd update the group with my experience. I really thought this little radio would be the cat's meow. Installed the first one in Jan of '11. Loved it, great soun

    3/26/2012, 05:05 am
    Shark Radio Update
    I experimented with the Shark 150w and though I could hear, I couldn't really "hear" it. I would catch bits and pieces of the music enough to know what song was playing when at highway speeds. I have since switched to the DWG sy

    3/26/2012, 02:10 pm
    Shark Radio Update
    I am curious....I'm using the Shark 100w, and can hear it, but the remote stinks....they use some combination of buttons that doesn't work too well while you are riding....hard to push two buttons at the same time with one hand, particularly

      3/26/2012, 02:46 pm
      Shark Radio Update
      Here is one that might work. Proably made in China but at least sold by a semi reputable company in the USA

    7/2/2012, 09:01 pm
    Shark Radio Update
    I had given up on the Shark radio, and was about to pull it out, when I wondered if the thumb drive I had used went bad. Changed it, and suddenly the Shark started working again! But remote controls were not responding consistently. A friend

      7/2/2012, 09:10 pm
      Shark Radio Update
      Thanks for the update Dave. Even though I'm not in the market now you never know what might happen to my audio system. Tim Davies Seneca Falls, NY YankeeSmuggler II 1998 Sent from my iPhone 4S???? On Jul 2, 2012, at 5:01