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Making new wingmirrors
Written by daviddockstader on 3/30/2012 at 04:36 pm

If all you need is the glass you should be able to find a mirror shop that will
make a mirror to fit. I've had mirrors made here in Louisville quite

As far as making the shells, I've had a similar thought. For years I was
involved in the composite canoe and kayak business and it would be quite simple
and inexpensive to make molds of the shells in fiberglass and reproduce them in
fiberglass, kevlar, carbon fiber or whatever. When you say cast them in resin I
presume this is what you mean. I don't think I'd try resin alone without fiber

--- In, "Daniel Page" <dl_page@...> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Just a quick rant. After shattering one wingmirror and with a second damaged,
I have finally found, a pair of used, but complete wingmirrors, over here in
France. Total cost for the pair : 500 euros - about 670 dollars...
> So this sort of hacked me off, and I still have all of the parts (well almost)
for the outer shell, inner frame, indicator and tear off mount.
> Last weekend, I took them all apart, and cleaned them, and bought some
self-hardning modellers clay. I want to make negatives of all the parts, then
attempt to cast them in resin. If that works , I believe that I could reproduce
mirros for the cost of a 30 buck tin of resin...
> Another thing. The wingmirror assembly itself works, but I cannot seem to find
anyone who sells compatible glass... so after shopping around, it would seem, at
least for the right wingmirror, the ones used by Volkswagen for the 2001-2004
Bora (Jetta) & Golf left wingmirrors are of a very similar size and would fit in
the shell without too much trouble.
> For a right wingmirror, this is more of a problem. On the Bora and Golf, for
civilised-hand-drive cars, the mirrors are assymetrical, and left mirror is
about double the size... Maybe looking for English and Japanese-hand drive
versions where VW reversed the mirrors?
> Anyway, this weekend, I'm going mouldmaking!
> Cheers,
> Daniel

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