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Ariete Valve Stems Review
Written by unlikelylogi... on 3/31/2012 at 08:38 pm

Yesterday I installed a pair of Ariete 11.3mm valve stems:

(Local vendor for me. Shop where you will. And do get 11.3mm, not 8.3mm,

Short review: They work and do not require modification of the rims or
installation facing the left side of the bike..

Longer review: A bit of a fight to install. They are a *very* snug fit in the
holes in the rim. I managed to get them in with a little lubricant and by
tipping them to get one edge of the gasket into the hole, then pushing sideways
to compress the gasket and ease the rest into the hole. The nuts are also
difficult to tighten, though a thinwall 6-point socket might fit better than the
standard 6-point socket I had.

Next time: I would deburr and very slightly chamfer the edge of the hole nearest
the hub. The valve stems just sit on the cast bosses that hold the plastic
crutches for the stock stems. It does not interfere with using the valve, but I
would use a rat-tail to relieve the top center of the boss just to ensure that
there is no stress on the valve stem. That wouldn't preclude returning to a
stock configuration.

More detailed views of the stems are available at:

They also carry replacement gaskets.

The SWMBO wanted bling, so they're red,

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