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LED conversion difficulties
Written by alfr4d on 4/2/2012 at 07:58 pm

--- In, "Alfred W" <alfred.wams@...> wrote:
> Will post a picture or video from the result...

I am having a couple of 15 sec. video's from my photo-camera. I took a photo
also but the colors are really not like real on these images. LED light is even
more filtered trough the digital sensor. The lights are in real very much right
colored and I am satisfied with its bright light. One can still see the turn
signal flashing faster and the slightly uneven spread of light at the rev
counter. I wonder if this had been better when I mounted these lights in the
dark so that I had been able to correct things. As mentioned previously I hooked
thin fishing-wire round the LED bulbs and pushed the lamp holders in with two
strands of wire at each side. I then knotted small buttons at the ends. It
guarantees that the slim based, light and long LED's will not fall out. Also
this could have enabled me to correct the aim but right there, where I was, I
could not see the result at the dials.

The headlight is my new very special 60/35W halogen H4 bulb with original P43T
foot. At the picture it shines bright enough and at the video very dim. The
truth is somewhere in-between. Comparing it at the lens, looking into it, with
the Hi beam I noticed it is what it promises to be: 35:55=0,64 times as strong.

Both LED conversion and a much dimmer headlight make my PC generate enough
electricity in order to both have enough electrical charge day-over in city
traffic and at night riding long distances with light on. Yes, I guess I need a
new stator or regulator but for now the battery is getting charged and I will
review the headlight. Being satisfied with dim light is a bad, bad, thing
brothers. Still I may be able to ride with my headlight on where I did not want
to do that anymore and start the bike after. For the moment it is possibly saver
and I still do have my Hi beam. There should have been more choices. Greetings.

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