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Plastic repair, recycle & save the planet !
Written by pappy8... on 4/7/2012 at 02:18 am

Hi all, just a note to whoever might be doing some plastic fixing before season
is in full swing. I am into recycling and boy did I ever find a good use for
that old computer case ! Some parts are thick enough, curved enough and
definitely strong enough too. If you need a curve or bend, a little magic from
the old heat gun does a fine job.
If you need thicker plastic, glue 2 pieces together and do your thing. I've been
using Plastex and, so far it seems to be a pretty strong fix after letting it
cure for a few days. Seems giving it a shot of heat from the gun for a few
seconds helps too.
Ive made a few tabs as well as rebuilding busted out mounting holes on the
fenders and fairing as well !
Have fun with it and, be safe !

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