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HID conversion
Written by tradewinds1964 on 4/14/2012 at 05:09 am

I went the long route. I purchased my digital slim ballast from
headlight supercenter. 99 bucks. I purchased different bulbs from
ebay, bi-xenon for like $12.00 for 2. Yes, you need the relay which
is just the extra hot wire directly to the battery for the instant
start. Extra warranty? Nah. If you have a problem with the
headlight supercenter, they will replace the ballast.

I have had mine for a year, it does not melt the plastic.
35 watts is much less power consumed instead of 55 watts.
No dual filament, there is a single bulb that moves to adjust for
high/low beam.
I use the 10000 brightness because I like the blue/white appearance.
The 8000 is greenish and butt ugly in my opinion.

My ballast mounts between the headlight and the back of the
instrument panel attached to the frame. I did not adjust the angle
of the headlight housing. I did double check with friends in various
cars and they said that the low beam does not blind them oncoming or
driving behind them.

I did have to change the 2 wires on my bulb plug, but that is
very easy. Blue is high beam, White is low beam. A small tiny
flathead screwdriver inserted will release the little tab on the
bulb plug. Just swap the position for the blue and white.

Last and certainly not least, it lights up the highway much much
more. The intensity causes highway signs to "glow". Trucks with
reflective tape on the back will also glow when the 10K lights hit
them. I would not switch back to halogen.

Atlanta, GA
'90 Red PC
Glen Scotia(pronounced Sko-sha)

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