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I can't find it now.
Written by spacetiger_j... on 4/15/2012 at 02:42 pm


It might have been me. I did some swapping out of front end components on my 90

I am currently using a Suzuki GSX 600 MC that uses a 12.7mm piston; Honda (from
the 80's and 90's at least) used a 14mm piston.

Here is a link talking about setting up your ratio:

I found I liked something around 20 or slightly above this. I first started
playing with components on my GL500 Silverwing as I found the Honda parts
surprisingly modular and interchangeable. I ended up with CB900 discs (bigger
diameter) and different calipers. I also swapped out to the earlier comstar
wheels from a GL1100 and got the rear disc brake - it was big!\

The ST1100 front end is similar to the PC. If you wanted to upgrade the PC
brakes, you can use the larger diameter ST1100 discs but need the ST1100 caliper
brackets. You can reuse your current calipers as they are the same as the
ST1100. Your would, of course, have to remove the front fork plastic covering on
the brakes as they will no longer fit (bottom piece anyway). I would say if you
have a 97 or 98 PC, this mod is a no brainer since the front fork came naked.
Throw in a set of SS brake lines and a 12.7mm MC and you will be very happy with
much better brakes.

Of course, I am experimenting again, so I will tell you how that works out when
I complete the project (front end swap - again)...


--- In, "ben.zeppa" <ben.zeppa@...> wrote:
> Being a new PC owner I have been looking at all the information that I can
find about the PC. Now somewhere in my wanderings I saw some information where a
PC owner had switched out the stock brake master cylinder with a smaller,
different one from another model. I was going to save that information but I did
> Anyone know what brake master cylinder they used?
> I know of ZRX owners who installed smaller bore brake master cylinders on
their bikes to increase braking performance, and it worked.
> Anyone?

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