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We should have a database of modifications
Written by spacetiger_j... on 4/15/2012 at 03:14 pm

How radical do you want to go? :-)

You did not indicate what year PC you have. Some mods are easier than others
(97-98 because of the naked front end are easiest).

- Springs and oil are a should do. While in there, drill and tap the fork lower
to add oil draining bolt (the boss is there, Honda did not have this done for
cost reasons).

- Race tech gold valve a good mod; allows you to separate the compression and
rebounding hydraulic circuits through different fork oil viscosity (can use
heavier weight oil without harsh compression effects). I would consider using
straight springs vs. progressive if you make this mod. After this, the mods are
more complicated but gains are nice.

- You can use other Honda bike components but you have to match them over to the
PC. Honda was surprisingly modular back in the day. Many ST1100 bits can work
on the PC for example. You can upgrade the suspension a bit more as the ST1100
used a front fork cartridge and retained the anti-dive function (similar to the
PC) in the other fork leg and had a fork brace. Doing this opens up the door to
bigger and better brakes.

- The PC has dual 276mm discs up front. You can go bigger; up to 316mm if you
use ST1100 brackets (can reuse your calipers, they are the same). Here is what
that setup looks like with aftermarket discs (should have used factory discs,
but couldn't wait for a decent set to pop up on ebay for a reasonable price so I
went with aftermarket discs):\

- final drive swap to the VT1100 is good, lowers the RPM at highway speeds. I
good swap for me as the highway miles are more relaxed.

- You can swap wheels to 17" from a Nt650V. This lets you run modern radial
street tires front and back. I'm currently sorting this out and will let you
know how it works out.\

- Then there are the endless other cosmetic/functional farkles...

.. The mod list goes on only limited by your wallet and common sense...


--- In, "wynndungey" <softsoundservices@...> wrote:
> And how well they work.
> I'm considering the tapered roller bearings, but I don't know if that's what's
in this bike. (yet.)
> I'd also like to know how members have their forks set up and what kind of
riding they do. Might help me to decide how to set my forks up.
> If this exists already, someone point me in the right direction.
> Thanks,

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