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I can't find it now.
Written by mitch_wq3c on 4/16/2012 at 12:33 am\

There's some evening photos for you. If you want to see daylight pics, let me
know and I'll take some more.


--- In, "Bobb Todd" <bobb_todd@...> wrote:
> 1 WLED-R-120 Red 120 Degree
> 3 WLED-A-120 Amber 120 Degree
> 4 WLED-W-120 Cool White 120 Degree
> 1 WLED-G-120 Green 120 Degree
> 1 WLED-B-120 Blue 120 Degree
> Order that all together and it should be about $65-ish to convert your cluster
and taillights to LED. I can put some pics in the album with my conversion if
> ..................................
> I don’t care about the instruments but would be interested in seeing the
> Bobb Todd
> Owen Sound, Ontario

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4/14/2012, 02:06 am
I can't find it now.
Being a new PC owner I have been looking at all the information that I can find about the PC. Now somewhere in my wanderings I saw some information where a PC owner had switched out the stock brake master cylinder with a smaller, different on

    4/14/2012, 03:17 am
    I can't find it now.
    Just a couple of observations from my own experience. Old brake fluid feels spongy. Until I changed mine, I was considering braided steel lines. Not anymore. Magura I believe still makes levers that might fit the PC. When I've used them on ot

      4/15/2012, 12:37 am
      I can't find it now.
      I noted the other day that even with 3 bulbs the rear end is not especially bright. On my ST1100 we substituted halogen bulbs that were something like 15/50 VS. the 5/15 watt stock ones. Not TOO bright with running lights but very noticea

        4/15/2012, 02:10 am
        I can't find it now.
        I'm waiting to go all LED. We were ultrasonically test welding a new car tail light housing with 80 LEDs in it. I scavenged the LEDs out of the scrap, so now I have several hundred bright LEDs. That will be my next project. Dave --- In

          4/15/2012, 05:18 pm
          I can't find it now.
          I want to go that route at some point in the future when I have the money and shop space. I was thinking of using the stock housing as a template or mold that I could then lay LEDs inside of and cast new resin lenses... or something along tho

        4/15/2012, 02:02 pm
        I can't find it now.
        Go to Order 2 each 1157-R45-T for the brakelights. 30 Lumens running, 120 lumens 'brake'. ( http:

    4/15/2012, 02:42 pm
    I can't find it now.
    Ben, It might have been me. I did some swapping out of front end components on my 90 PC. I am currently using a Suzuki GSX 600 MC that uses a 12.7mm piston; Honda (from the 80's and 90's at least) used a 14mm piston. Here is