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HID Light Installation
Written by literidr on 4/17/2012 at 05:22 pm

Hey Guys,

I also installed one of the H.I.D. systems on my bike over the weekend. I
picked up the 8000K unit from ebay. I really like the light but there was one
unexpected result that is giving me pause. The high energy interference from
the H.I.D. system, keeps me from being able to use my CB radio. At first I
thought the noise was coming through on my power line to the radio. But when I
checked for interference on my handheld CB, I found the high amount of noise was
present anytime I had my light on. I searched on-line for "HID interference"
and evidently I'm not the only one with the problem and the interference affects
the other radio bands as well. I'm going to try to shield the High voltage feed
from the ballast to see if I can reduce that noise enough be able to hear my
radio, but for now all I can get is the weather channel.

John Handford, literidr@...
Taylor, SC
'90 PC "Spirit"

--- In, "douglasvanb" <douglas.vanbossuyt@...> wrote:
> Coasters,
> I installed an HID system from DDM Tuning over the weekend. The results are
quite good. Next time I might go for a more blue-colored bulb. The yellow
color came out more green than I was expecting but will work for now. A short
write-up is available here:
> Cheers!
> Douglas

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