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Here Is How To Get LED Back OFF Brake Lights By Changing Bulbs!
Written by tonyclifford... on 4/20/2012 at 03:21 pm

Ok first I want to say I have no personal contact or connection with the company
below. However I just took a $60 chance and WOW does it work.

I have been updating the look of my PC with HID lights and wanted to find LEDs
for the turn signals and brake lights just like newer bikes have. I also read
all the problems people were having getting LEDs to work with our PC circuits.
And problems with how LEDs must be pointed in several directions for them to
work inside our tail light compartment.

I came across this website that has
LEDS that fit our 1157 bulb sockets. They fit with no splicing wires and they
have all kinds, shapes and sizes.

When I found a Brake Light LED Bulb with a "Back Off" type circuit built inside
the bulb. Yes I said, INSIDE THE BULB! Here it is... (1157) 60 Red High Powered
LEDs $29.99 EA. about halfway down the page.

If you do not know what a "Back Off" Flasher is, it's normally a device or unit
that cost around $40 that must be wired between the power and brake lights that
makes the brake lights flash several times when the brakes are applied. Then
they go solid just like normally.

These LEDs are so much better. All I had to do was open the trunk unscrew two
alley screws on the top edge above the tail light assembly, take out the old
bulbs and replace them with the new ones. Then replace the two screws and YOUR
DONE! No wires to cut or resisters to place some where. Just press the brakes
and the lights flash very fast 4-5 times and go solid.

This has three great advantages... first the LEDs are bright on sunny days.
Second... the Flashers help people see you better. And Thirdly there are no
wires to cut or splice. It took me less than 5 min. to completely install the
new lights.

I hope this helps anyone thinking of doing this to their bike. I am now going to
order and replace the turn signals in the mirrors with LEDs.

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