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Avon AM26 Roadrider Tire eval
Written by yankeesmuggler on 5/14/2012 at 07:03 pm

After 3 weeks and about 2,000 miles (interstate and mountain roads-
Deal's Gap+), I thought someone might be interested in my impressions
of the new front tire I installed while passing through Tennessee on
my Maintenance Mooch Tour back in April.

I'm not the one to ask about holding the road and all that stuff. All
my front tires did that with no problem. I guess I'm just not as "in
tune" with the rubber as some of you are. I do have two minor
annoyances with this tire though that might make me go back to Dunlop
at the end of this tire's life. Both are related to the tire's tread
pattern and depth of grooves.

The first is a constant buzzy feel in the handlebars and foot pegs.
The buzz varies with the road surface, sometimes less or more, but it
is always present. It's not a hazard, just an annoyance. Thank
goodness I have foam grip covers to help absorb some of he buzz. The
second is the rumble/howl that I hear when leaned over in a turn.
Normally this is a sign that the tires are nearing their life's end,
especially on the rear tire, but I've had this from day one. I
started with my normal 38 psi in the tire and after a few days I
checked Avon's website and they recommend a pressure of 34-36 psi for
the front tire in our size. I dropped it to 34 psi and I do notice
some improvement.

I parked next to John Handford's Pacific Coast at the recent Eastern
Shore Ride in Chincoteague, VA and compared my Avon with 1,000 miles
at that time and his Avon with 18,000 miles. I would have been hard
pressed to choose which was which. I'm guessing I'll have to put up
with my minor annoyances for some time to come.

Tim Davies
Seneca Falls, NY
Yankee Smuggler II 1998 (150,000+ mi)

AMA #688662

"The ride is the objective, the destination is the excuse!"

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