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Coolant System Pressure Cap - Overlooked Preventive Replacement
Written by skyeenter on 6/21/2012 at 08:35 pm

The talk of coolant system change struck a note. You never know when or where
you are going to get coolant boil over due to a weary, worn out pressure cap.

I experienced this on my aborted 48 - 10 ride. Fortunately it happened in Troy
NY. Stopped for a bottle of wine. Heard the gurgling and knew what it was.
Just needed to find a cap.

Honda dealer three blocks up the road just closed. Found an Advanced Auto on
Hoosick St/Ave? two blocks away and Kevin the manager went out of his way to get
me a cap that fit.

Had to saw part of the cap wing off to clear the meter panel. But it fit. He
donated a quart of 50/50 mix to get me on my way.

My recommendation, if you're not sure of the age of your cap or when it was
changed go find one right now. Don't leave yourself stranded helpless in
nowhere land and watch all your coolant boil off.


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