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PC vs. Concours comparison
Written by motorcyclema... on 6/22/2012 at 02:58 am

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back on this, but I've been busy riding
(ankle isn't totally healed but I CAN ride) and since no one totally answered
this question. I'll try.

Anyway, a few days ago, Dave wrote:

> I've been looking for a bike for a couple of months. Doing my due diligence in

> trying to figure out which bikes are the best 'bang for the buck'.


> Prior to yesterday, I was set on purchasing a Kawasaki Concours. The owners

> group have answered all my questions well and they certainly are passionate.

> However, their are some issues that keep coming up with that bike.

> 1. In hot areas, (I'm in So. Cal) the bike is known for burning hot

> temperatures escaping from the fairing onto the leg and groin area.

> 2. the bikes have a fairly high center of gravity and are prone to being

> So I realized, that at 5'9, and no real interest in baking my groin area

> during the summer months, I might want to do some more research.


> Has anyone here ever owned BOTH of these bikes and can give me a comparison

> contrast between the two?

I have owned both. In fact, I went from a 1993 Concours to a 1995 Pacific Coast.
You have to understand, this analysis is coming from the (very wordy) viewpoint
of a little old lady, but I'll let you know my thoughts.

I'm just an inch taller than you (5-10) with all my height in my legs, and I can
flatfoot both bikes.

As far as how the bikes ride, the PC wins hands down. It is lighter, smoother,
nimbler, esp. at low speeds. Both can cruise at highway speeds all day without
any problem, and the slightly bigger engine may make the Concours a little
stronger here. But, it's at low speeds the PC rules, and the main reason I got
rid of my Connie.

As you noted, they have a VERY high center of gravity, and are extremely prone
to being dropped at anything under 10 mph. I myself have three CDA (Connie
Dropper Anonymous) numbers, and that's only the ones I reported. <g> If the bike
even THINKS about going down, it's very difficult to get it back up.

For me, that was not fun not only in parking lots, but on tight twisties where
you had to take things slow. And getting to be old and decrepit, that's why I
finally decided to give up the Connie.

That said, the thing that contributes to the high COG is what I miss the most:
its 7.2 gallon gas tank. I will NEVER get used to the teeny 4.2 gallon tank on
the PC, especially living here in the land of miles and miles.

On the Connie, I could (and often did) ride 300-plus non stop miles. (My longest
non-stop ride was from Alamogordo, N.M. to Safford, Ariz., and I once put 320
miles between fills.) On the PC, I HATE having to stop every 90-120 miles at
very expensive rural gas outlets to top off because I'm not sure I'm going to
make it to the next big city, usually about 180 total miles from where I start.

Also, for my style of traveling, which includes daily commutes with a camera bag
w/camera and accessories, laptop bag w/laptop and accessories, and tank bag, the
Connie's luggage was better for me. I like the PC trunk, but because my tank bag
is magnetic, and I have yet to find the correct magnets to put under the
plastic, I have to put the tank back in the trunk, which gives me less carrying
capacity, and means I have to constantly go into the trunk, instead of just
pulling my wallet, notebook, etc. out of the tank back on the tank.

For me, the stock windshields and seats on both were fine. (Others may differ.)
I added an after-market rack w/sissy bar to each bike (made by an individual
from the COG/IPCRC lists) for when I travel distances, and both do the job.

I didn't mind the heat on the Connie, but then, I LIKE hot, and the Connie was
very nice in the winter. You can also turn the scoops in the winter and summer
to direct the heat to/away from your legs. Heat doesn't seem to be a plus or
minus on the PC.

It's easier/cheaper to install road pegs on the Connie (John Hildebran), but I'm
living with just putting my legs on the little side bumps on the PC, and so far
that's working.

Both bikes seem to be workhorses. Despite all the shortcomings, I put almost
200,000 miles on the Connie before I gave it away. (Figured it didn't have much
resale value.) I've only had the PC a little more than two years, and because of
an initial glitch, have only ridden it for about a year (about 20K), but now
that I've gotten (hopefully) all the glitches ironed out, it seems pretty much

Obviously, there's more plastic to take off on the PC (a LOT more plastic) and I
have learned how to remove some of it, but since I'm the furthest thing anyone
can imagine from a mechanic, I just wait until I have money/really NEED
something then take the bike to the mechanic. I did that with the Connie as
well. Fix-it-yourself help is readily available from COG/IPCRC (maybe a little
more so from IPCRC) and others can speak to that.

And since you mentioned the "passionate" COG people, let me speak a moment about
the two lists.

This list is VERY helpful, probably has a better files section and is much more
polite. (Even a recent helmets/no helmets discussion stayed flame free and
mostly civil. Bravo!)

The Coggers, on the other hand, can get a bit, shall we say, impassioned? (Do
NOT mention my name over there. <g>)  Even a simple question can ignite a flame
war, just because.

Also, the COG folks get their noses out of joint if you don't want to officially
join the COG — which costs $$$ and, unless you live on the east or west coasts
or in east Texas (the urban areas), you won't get anything much for your $$$$.

The only time I met another Cogger was at the national rallies (which cost add'l
money.) I've resigned myself to the fact I'll never see another PC rider either,
but since this group doesn't require joining anything, I don't feel quite as bad
about that. (I simply don't have the money or time to ride to the east or west

And the help I got with my initial glitches was VERY useful.

So, bottom line, would I buy another Connie? No. Would I buy another PC?
Probably not. IF I had the money, I would look for a good condition BMW K75RT or
(even more money) a new NT700. Both seem more my style as far as
size/riding/carrying capacity.

But, since I don't have any money and really don't expect to any time soon, I
will learn to live with the drawbacks of the PC and will most likely ride it
until it falls apart. Those drawbacks are easier to work with than the
dropability of the Connie. (And the listers are friendlier.)

I don't know if this lengthy tome will do you any good, but hope it helps a bit.


Roswell, NM

“Never underestimate the power of blind faith. It can manifest in
ways that bend the laws of physics or break them entirely.” "True
Blood," Aug. 30, 2009

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