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Handlebar fix
Written by hartzog86 on 6/26/2012 at 03:44 am

--- In, "BD Pickett" <bp.ipcrc@...> wrote:
> Regarding the key issue, I went down to the local locksmith and had a new key
cut on a blank intended for Mitsubishi cars; it has the same shape as the PC's
key but it has a longer shaft. The locksmith was reluctant to do it and wouldn't
guarantee it, because it wasn't the "proper" blank, but I took responsibility
for the outcome and got the key cut. After I trimmed down the edges of the head
of the key, it fit easily into the ignition switch inside the "well" and started
the PC without any trouble. The only downside is that it does not lock the
steering, but I may try doing some fine tuning on the key with a file and see if
I can get it to work without ruining the key. FWIW, the long-shank key blank is
made by Ilco and has the codes "X121" & "DC3" stamped on it.

Additional key blanks that match the longer shaft key (PLCO X121)
X121 / DC3 Mitsubishi, Dodge, Isuzu, Plymouth, Suzuki, Chevy Key

This key will work some Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, General Motors, Hyundai,
Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Plymouth, and Suzuki vehicles.

This is made by Ilco Unican (Kaba Ilco).

Part number X121

These keys will substitute the following product numbers:
?Alba A74LC
?Axxess 52
?B?rkey 993?L
?B?rkey 1085?L
?Briggs DCA
?Briggs 321822
?Cole National Y107
?Curtis DC-3
?DL (Dominion Lock) MS15
?Errebi MIT2
?Errebi TY14
?Ilco X121
?Ilco/EZ DC3
?Jet DC3
?Jet DC3-NP
?Lotus MTI4
?Mister Minit 500
?Orion MS11L
?Orion TY35L
?RST M249
?Silca MIT2R
?Taylor X121

This will substitute the following keys with a plastic head:
?B?rkey 993?L PS39
?B?rkey 1085?L PS39
?B?rkey 1085?L PS69
?Cole National Y107R
?Curtis DC-3PH
?Dominion MS15SH
?Errebi MIT2P
?Errebi MIT2P36
?Ilco DC3P
?Ilco/EZ DC3-P
?Ilco DC3-PC
?Ilco/EZ DC3-PC
?Lotus MTI4P
?Orion MS11LP
?Orion TY35LP
?Silca MIT2RP
?Silca MIT2RU11


Message Thread for message #114400

4/25/2010, 04:26 pm
Handlebar fix
HI, I just purchased a 97 PC800 and find the handlebars a bit far for my reach (I'm 5'9"). My feet fit comfortably on the ground when stoped, but arms are under a bit of stress.. Are there any fixes for this problem? Thanks

    4/25/2010, 09:02 pm
    Handlebar fix
    Ride the bike for awhile, you'll probably get use to it. At five nine the bike should fit you just right. --- In ipcrc@yaho

    4/25/2010, 10:29 pm
    Handlebar fix
    Go back a bit in the messages and there will be a bunch of posts about adding risers. A solid block riser will bring the bars up and closer because of the fork angle. There are also risers that allow you to pivot the bars forward and back. se

    4/25/2010, 11:22 pm
    Handlebar fix
    I recently installed some risers from GenMar. I've been very happy with them. Photos of my install and links to the company's website are here: http://www.dou

    4/26/2010, 02:34 am
    Handlebar fix
    On Apr 25, 2010, at 11:26 AM, stanwalton@... wrote: > HI, I just purchased a 97 PC800 and find the handlebars

    4/26/2010, 03:07 pm
    Handlebar fix
    Hi Stan, I'm 5'5" (barely) and had my handlebars raised about a year ago by a local Honda/Goldwing shop. They did a great job and it really helped. I'll have to check my records for info on the riser itself, but one thing not yet men

      4/26/2010, 04:40 pm
      Handlebar fix
      Hi Leslie, Thanks for the input.. At the moment I'm waiting on the shop manual which will have information and pictures depicting how all the pieces go together.. I think I can raise the bars myself after I secure the riser -I thi

      4/26/2010, 06:48 pm
      Handlebar fix
      Hi Leslie, I had a couple spare handlebar clamp caps kicking around in my spare parts cache, and since everybody has been climbing on the riser bandwagon, I thought that I'd give it a try; after all its free and I can easily change it bac