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Great windshield tip courtosy of Jeff (oldwrench1960)
Written by tacletter on 6/28/2012 at 11:29 pm

It's amazing how well a little water and time will clean the bugs off. I used to
get odd looks any time I rode my bike the 120 miles to the dealer I bought it
from. After parking the bike I would go in the bathroom and come out with a wad
of soaking wet paper towels and plaster the face shield of my helmet with them.
When it was time to leave I would just gently wipe the the bugs off the helmet
and go on my way.

--- In, "Wade" <wbpc800@...> wrote:
> The 100 mile evening ride home through the woods with my new Rifle


> Hope you enjoy this tip as much as I have.
> Wade

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