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Great windshield tip courtosy of Jeff (oldwrench1960)
Written by ohpossum on 6/29/2012 at 03:17 pm

I have done similar to this for some time, though using a microfiber towel,
which doesn't cover as much as the t-shirt.

I start out using the clean towels on the windshield, then eventually
recommission them as wash rags, and finally grease rags, so that as they begin
to trap abrasives, they are no longer used on the shield.

Also, good point about the wiping direction. I typically wipe horizontally, but
vertical, might be better, especially if your windshield is tall enough to have
to look through. The key thing is to only wipe in one direction, either always
vertical, or always horizontal, so that you don't get a cross hatch, which
definitely causes issues.

I seldom use any type of cleaner, but have used Pledge or equivalent, and Plexus
after cleaning. When I was still working on copiers, we used a product called
Brillianize ( ) for a
good, clean, anti-static treatment of glass and plastic, which was similar to
Rain-X in its ability to repel water. As stated beware of products with ammonia,
alcohol or petroleum base, as they may soften the surface of your windshield and
make it more susceptible to pitting and scratching.

Another economical source for cleaning/polishing cloth is the remnant section at
your local hobby/sewing outlet (WalMart for me). The remnants are much cheaper
for much larger pieces of material than what you will find in the automotive
department most of the time. I realize Paisley Polishing cloths may not look
that professional, but you're probably getting a stare or two from the PC
cynical, anyway :)

Ride Safe, Ride!


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