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89 black pc on youtube
Written by goldwingman40 on 7/2/2012 at 04:18 am


It looks like the post I sent before the last one didn't make it. What you saw
was probably the aftermarket sets made by Daytona Dash for Goldwings and PC's.
They were made in several different wood types along with carbon fiber and
brushed aluminum. They have not been made for years.


--- In, "the_big_dt" <wineguy4u@...> wrote:
> all,
> i saw a video of a black 89 pc that was for sale last year (3/11) that had a
beautiful brushed aluminum(?) dash on it. is that a normally available
aftermarket part or did somebody fabricate it up specifically for that bike?
> It is/was a terrific upgrade.
> curious,
> dave

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