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Great windshield tip courtosy of Jeff (oldwrench1960)
Written by boysrus_racing on 7/3/2012 at 03:45 am

Great idea. I have always used Plexus (sp?). A friend with an airplane that
has THOUSANDS of dollars of acrylic windows taught me much of what's been said
here including "wipe one direction, preferably vertically". Plexus seems like a
lanolin that doesn't evaporate until you start wiping it off. Softens the bugs
so they come off easily. Turn the cloth often!


--- In, "Wade" <wbpc800@...> wrote:
> The 100 mile evening ride home through the woods with my new Rifle left the
usual assortment of bug splatter. Jeff gave me this tip that is so brilliant it
may be standard practice here but I didn't know it.
> Take a clean 100% cotton T shirt, shake it to make sure there is no particles
in it, then get it soaking wet. Now, gently lay it over your windshield and
smooth it out. Go relax for about a half hour or so. (I just did about an hour
or so.) When you return the bugs simply dab off. No rubbing, no scratching!
> When dry and clean a treatment of original formula Rain X makes the whole
thing work much better. (I assume there was Rain X on the rifle.) It was so
easy that I am going to continue that practice. Jeff finishes with Novus 1. I
will finish with Plexus until my can runs out and then likely make the switch to
Novus 1 as well.
> What I do know was this was the easiest windshield cleaning I have ever done.
I also know that this "used" rifle appears as new so Jeff must have something
> Hope you enjoy this tip as much as I have.
> Wade

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