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Fenda Extenda; was Re: Scary Moment
Written by lcshepp on 7/5/2012 at 02:48 am

> I need a fender extension too but I am not sure where to get one.
> Anyone have any information?

Honda had one originally but it disappeared long ago. We got Pyramid
Plastics in the UK to do a Fenda Extenda for the PC.

I just bought another one recently.

I worked with Dandy Industries to get it built and they still list

But I bought my last one from a different place:

And it will stop the water from streaming off the front tire onto the
motor and causing all that steam when you slow down....

FWIW, I don't mount them the way the instructions show. I use two small
stainless allen head bolts and washers and mount the Extenda to the
center section of the fender only. That leaves the side covers
removable as they were designed.

Also, this model is ONLY for the 1989 thru 1996 model PCs.



Leland Sheppard
Placerville, California, USA

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