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Duplicolor - AutoZone
Written by glennschechter on 7/8/2012 at 01:00 am

Folks, you can besure to have the correct color if you send your panel's to me.
I have over 30 years painting M/C & cars. regards to a post a few days ago,
there is no special primer to add adhession. There is an adhession promotter you
can use and I would recamend it for the fairing bezal (instrumental panel) and
the two L shaped panels behind the handel bar cover. Primer only adds adhession
to bare metal and if you dont have bare metal or repairing a panel, that needs
repair, deep scratch or a dent in a metal panel or any kind of repair it is best
to use the original paint as your surface to paint on. Of corse you have to sand
primer when not needed incresses the risk for flaking. I cant spell worth a darn
but my greatest talent is what I know w/ my exspereance from repairing &
refinishing M/C & autos.
Thank you all!

--- In, "pc800va" <pc800va@...> wrote:
> The closest I've found in the budget paints is " Rust-Oleum METALLIC Silver
> You'll also need to use a clearcoat after.
> Not perfect but okay from a distance.

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