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Trunk Lid Alignment
Written by johnhawleyjr on 8/7/2012 at 11:28 am

I have noticed on several PC800s that the trunk lid does not seem to align
properly when fully closed. For example: Center stand the bike (or even on the
side stand), close the trunk as usual and notice the gap between where the trunk
lid and the trunk bottom come together. If you have a black/silver bike this is
where the black lid and silver bottom meet. I notice that the right hand side
has a defined gap that is uneven where as the left side does not. This right
hand gap is uneven looking from front to back. The front (close to the middle of
the bike) has a normal gap of 1/8in or so. The back portion that is near the
tail light may have a gap of 1/4 - 3/8in. It looks as though the trunk lid is
not getting fully seated at the tail light area thus creating a larger gap in
the body panels. The left hand side does not have the issue as the gap is even
across the section.

Looking at the bike from the rear the gap is not noticeable as looking where the
trunk lid and tail light meet.

I have noticed this on several bikes neither which had been dropped, layed-down
or rear-ended. The alignment issue seems to always be on the right hand side.
The trunk lid closes properly and there are no squeaks when riding. Of the bikes
I have seen with this issue, none have had a givi top case attached. There is no
free play when pushing down on the trunk lid. Meaning, I cannot force the right
side down any further by pressing on the lid. All the trunk weather gaskets are
in place.

Is there any adjustment to correct this?
What may be the cause?
What may be the fix? Is the bottom panel out of kilter?

If I could figure out how to post a photo on this site I have two examples from
my bike and a friends.
Thanks in advance,

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