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Significant repairs
Written by Leland Sheppard on 9/4/2012 at 12:00 am

Hi Coasters,

Just an FYI...

At my last service, my mechanic discovered that my '89 had something
that was binding the rear wheel. He was pretty sure it was the
universal joint. There also was a problem in that a seal in the final
drive had let go and most of the fluid was gone out of the final drive.

I found a final drive assembly on ebay (cyclenetparts) for a reasonable
price ($49.95 with only 34,000 miles on it) and ordered that. I already
had a new universal joint that was waiting to go into the '94 when we do
the engine swap. I borrowed that u-joint for the '89.

We did the repair this morning. As my mechanic suspected, the u-joint
was bad. So we replaced that as well as the final drive assembly.

Turns out the drive shaft was pretty badly worn too; the teeth at the
rear of the drive shaft are showing significant amounts of wear. As a
result, I ordered a drive shaft from the same folks off of ebay today
($19.95 plus shipping) and we will install that the next time I have a
set of tires mounted on the bike.

This is the first significant repair on this bike since the stator was
replaced about 90,000 miles ago.

I took the bike to work today, after the repair. 85 miles today with
about 70 of it at 75mph. Running like a champ again...


Leland Sheppard
Placerville, California, USA

...Life is good on the Pacific Coast...

'94 Pacific Coast, "Black Beauty", 211,500 miles
'89 Pacific Coast, "Shadow Dancer", 145,200 miles
'90 Pacific Coast, "Red Baron", 123,775 miles
'96 Pacific Coast/SuperSport sidecar, "Handsome Hannigan", 31,951 miles
'02 Ural Patrol, "Boris Blueanov", 15,506 kilometers
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