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Shorai LiFePO4 battery failure
Written by Gwynethh on 9/20/2012 at 12:00 am

We installed a new Shorai Lithium Iron battery about 3 weeks ago. Got great starts with consistent ~14 volts on our monitoring LED Volt meter before starter switch pushing. One day we tried to start our PC800 and we had about 10 Volts showing up on the meter. (No slow decrease, just 14V to 10V between one ride and the next). Under load it dropped to about 8 volts. The battery failed to charge with the Shorai charger and threw an error code on the charger's status LEDs. Installing our old limping Westco we confirmed good charging voltage at the battery 13.8V @ 2K RPM and minimal parasitic drain of the bike (~1 micro-amp).

We have started the warranty replacement process with Shorai and am now waiting for their response.

We will keep you all informed on our progress as we get this battery replaced.

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