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Re: Very strange "repair" (long)
Written by pogomann2002 on 9/25/2012 at 12:00 am

Hey Leland,
Once again the upside voltage thread begins! LOL for the rest of the gang, a few years ago I requested information from the group in trying to define an electrical malfunction where your voltmeter reads higher voltage at idle than at higher rpms, (upside down voltage)

The info we gathered at the time indicated that changing the R/R solved the issue for most, some just kept riding w/o and apparent issues. (such as Leland)

Again voltage does not indicate the strength of a battery, amperage is the true measure. So while using a clamp on DC ampmeter on my R/R output I noticed that the readings were negative which indicated that there was an issue most likely with the stator, this led to the discovery of the shorted stator connector (non '89 models)

Since the stator cannot produce greater amperage at idle eventually those with upside down voltage syndrome should eventually have battery issues. Riding style here has a great effect on the issue. The longer one runs at idle (city, stop and go) the sooner the battery will be drained down. For those who spend most of their riding time in motion (higher rpms) the better the battery health. (Leland)

I'm going to step into the "best guess" area here to say that the dead shorting of the battery may have done something to reset the R/R electronics back to their native function. Leland do you have the direct R/R to battery modification on this bike? (important since it bypasses the harness)

Just as an unrelated "I didn't know this could happen" earlier this summer a neighbor borrowed my battery charger to use on his boat battery. The battery was stone dead from winter storage and he hooked up the battery charger backwards. After two days of 2 amp charging he had changed the polarity of the battery. The starter ran backwards as well as the power trim motor. We left the interior and navigation lights on for a couple days and drained it stone dead again and charged with the correct cable placement. All is well months after.

Let the thread begin!

Best Pogo

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