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Drop in Dunlop K555 mileage
Written by Leland Sheppard on 10/31/2012 at 12:00 am

Hi Coasters,

I think my mechanic figured out why more than one of us has experienced
a large drop in mileage on Dunlop K555s: They are no longer made inJapan.

My current set of tires says 'Made in Indonesia'. The set on my '94
still says 'Made in Japan'. I would bet that my prior set of K555s on
my '89 and '90 also said made in Japan... The tires on both bikes will
be gone at about the 7,000 mile mark versus around 11,600 on the prior sets.

I wrote to Dunlop about the mileage drop but I asked if they had changed
the compound; they said no.

I'm going to write them again and suggest that unless the situation
improves dramatically and quickly that they are going to lose a bunch of
customers for that tire...

A 40% drop in tire mileage is terribleand indicates a major problem of
some kind...

This reminds me of the situation with Metzelers: Until the tires were
made in Brazil, I don't ever remember hearing about chunks of tread
dropping out of a tire...


Leland Sheppard
Placerville, California, USA

...Life is good on the Pacific Coast...

'94 Pacific Coast, "Black Beauty", 211,500 miles
'89 Pacific Coast, "Shadow Dancer", 148,925 miles
'90 Pacific Coast, "Red Baron", 125,100 miles
'96 Pacific Coast/SuperSport sidecar, "Handsome Hannigan", 31,972 miles
'02 Ural Patrol, "Boris Blueanov", 15,506 kilometers
'02 GL1800, "Copper", 67,150, '07 Aspen Classic, "Copper's Camper", 2,793 miles
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