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Front End Maintenance.
Written by goldwingman40 on 1/12/2004 at 03:50 am

There is no real easy fork oil drain because Honda chose to leave off
the drain screws along with some other stupid things. You can pull
the front wheel and then go up the bottom end of the fork slider and
loosen the screws that hold the dampening rods to get the oil out. Be
sure and loosen them before you pull the fork caps and springs or the
rod may spin instead of the bolt loosening. To get the large allen
wrench into the cap you have to loosen the clamps and slide the tubes
down 3 or 4 inches and retighten the lower clamp to hold the tube.
This allows you to get the wrench in at a slight angle otherwise you
have interferance with the plastic. Honda could have made the covers
slightly larger for clearance if they would think about service just
like no drain screws. If you are going to replace the steering head
bearinge you will pull the fork tubes out which allow you to not
loosen the dampening rod screws and just dump out the oil when you
pull the caps. If when you have them off you could choose to
disassemble the fokk tubes and drill and tap for the drain screws as
I did and explained in post # 8329. Also when you beplace the
steering head bearings with tapered rollers you should have no
problem holding preload if you clean thecup seats in the frame very
good and then make sure you seat the cups solid in the bores. When
you assemble the steering head torque the first nut to about 30 ft-lbs
and then rotate the steering from lock to lock several times then
back off the nut and retorque it to about 25 ft-lbs and install the
lock ring and lock nut hand tight making sure it is down tight on the
lock ring and then bend up the lock tabs. Continue reassembly and
make sure you torque the top triple clamp retaining screw correctly.
If you have any questions contact me.

--- In, "my95pacificcoast" <jjmeese@e...> wrote:
> I am new to the PC-800. In reading the mail I see reference to
> several things that I might want to do.
> 1. Easy fork oil drain - is there a service procedure or note to
> follow.
> 2. What is the deal with the tapered steering bearings. Right now
> all the plastic is off my machine. I would think that this might
> the time to install them.
> John
> 95 PC800
> 2000 Yamaha Venture MM

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