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Re: PC800: Repair Experience
Written by goldwingman40 on 8/1/2004 at 09:37 pm

--- In, "Richard Allan Hardy" <rahardy@g...>
> There is nothing wrong with a PC that shakes when you take your
hands from the bars. They all do that. They won't all do it all of
the time; my experience has been that the road surface has the most
to do with it. This was thoroughly aired on this list 8-10 years ago.
> Richard

They do not all have to shake. They can be fixed and it will last for
a lot of miles if done correctly. If you change the steering head
bearings to tapered roller bearings they will hold the settings
longer because they have more contact area so they don't wear as fast
or brinell as easy as ball bearings. You then need to set the preload
on the bearing nut to about 25 to 27 lb-ft and the problem should be
cured if you don't have an uneven worn front tire. This is the same
problem they have on the Goldwing GL1500 except they come with
tapered roller bearings but did not have enough preload, factory spec
14 lb-ft. I reset my Goldwing at 12k miles and it has over 62k miles
and it is still OK.

My PC is getting worse as it wears with the miles but I have been too
lazy to work on it with all the other things that need doing. I will
probably replace the bearings this fall or winter.


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