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The Great LED Conversion, Part 1 (PC800)
Written by CalvinFold on 10/2/2004 at 06:06 am

With a purchased damaged taillight bar from William Ong, today I began
testing the conversion of Red Dwarf's tail light array to hi-intensity

I haven't ordered the arrays yet, wanted to see if I could even get the
lense off the reflector. After 90 minutes of fingertip-mashing, cutting,
scooping, and prying, I was able to break the silicone seal and remove
the lense from the light bar, exposing the innards. So I know it's
possible, so I know ordering the arrays is the next step.

Mr. Ong's light bar is from a 1989, and inside I found:

--plastic "chrome" applied to the left and right tail/brake areas, but
it's cheapo stuff, not THAT reflective

--the center running light area is just cream-colored plastic, no
reflective coating (not a wonder it seems so dim!)

--clear window for the license plate lighting (it's removeable)

--The reflector outside on the middle of the lense, like the red ones in
the turn signals, is a glue-in and can be removed (I plan to replace
with LED reflector kit from Electrical Connection).

Up next:

--Buy 9 LED arrays (1.85" round by Raidantz, like the Uni-Go), 3 each
for each of the three areas on the light bar

--Wire the center 3 arrays with the left and the right arrays to make
one giant brake light (all three zones will be running lights AND brake
lights...432 hi-intensity LEDs with 120? viewing angle...yipes!)

--Replace center exterior reflector with LED reflector and also wire to
brake lights (those reflectors create a "dead spot" in the lighting,
bulb or LED, when viewed from a distance...the LED Reflector should
"fill" the lighting). Do the same on the Uni-Go.

--Black-out the clear lense for the license plate (because the LED
arrays are red) and install white LED courtesy lights to light the plate

--Wire-in the Ultimate Light Bar (on order, will be attached to Givi
=1076>). It's a bit wider than the Givi rack, but after following a bike
equipped with one on the Y2K+4 I was quite impressed. I liked the idea
of the up-high brake light, turn signals, and flashing brakes, as well
as the running light. The flash pattern is very attention-getting, but
brief so not long-term annoying. Mounted under the Givi puts it in about
the right spot to be eye level with cagers (unlike the rear PC800 light

The PC800 light bar areas are fairly flat, so array installation should
be alot easier than the Uni-Go with it's curved reflectors (still not
sure how well the adhesive will keep the arrays where I put them on the
Uni-Go, only time will tell).

Will do the LED conversion of the 4 signal lights as a separate project
when I have time for the relay replacement and to examine the front
lenses for space available (this will be a bit more complicated and
involved than the tail lights). I may proceed with replacing the red
reflectors on the rear turn signals with amber LED Reflectors...never
noticed that the turn signals don't light sideways very well, so the LED
reflectors should cure that.

Will take before-n-after photos as the project progresses.

San Leandro, CA
1996 Honda Pacific Coast 800 ("Red Dwarf")
45,000+ miles || HRCA #HM729375
2002 Uni-Go Trailer ("Starbug 1") || Trailer #499
Friday, October 1, 2004 || 10:58 PM PST

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