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The Great LED Experiment, Part 3 (Uni-Go Success!)
Written by CalvinFold on 10/11/2004 at 07:27 pm

Well, I got some daytime feedback on the turn signal lamp conversion
on the Uni-Go...turns out straight-back visibility during the
*daytime* is no better with the LEDs than the bulb was. Just basically
can't be seen (same complaint some of you folks gave me after
following me on the Y2K+3). Major bummer.

(The problem is that during the day, the PC800's own signal lamps are
obscured by the Uni-Go and the Uni-Go's own are not visible

I think there are at least two factors contributing to this:

--The LED Cluster had to be installed at a slight angle to maximize
lighting and due to the curved shape of the area behind the lense.
Well within the viewing angle of the LEDs, but since they are as
bright when viewed at an angle, the next item might kill their

--The darned amber lense is cut to try to compensate for the angled
enclosure and dim bulb but in the process almost makes it worse (bulb
or LEDs). They work great at night, but I think sunlight completely
washes out the rear-facing cuts in the lense. (Side of lense is nearly
uncut so is not affected.)

Good news is that the side visibility is much improved (*whew*) and so
is nightime visibility (even rearward).

I had thought about installing an extra, smaller LED array mounted
right behind the lense facing directly back (using a bracket). I've
been using the 1.85" lenses, but I think they have down to 1.0".

But, now that I've installed the Ultimate Light Bar, which is up high
and visible over the trailer, I'm not going to worry about it right
now. Maybe some other time, or if I find myself in there for some
other reason.

Figured the Uni-Go folks would like the follow-up in case someone else
decides to give this a try. Short answer: tail lights are definitely
worth the trouble, signal lamps are questionable unless you're after
the power savings or modify my technique.

San Leandro, CA
1996 Honda Pacific Coast 800 ("Red Dwarf")
49,500+ miles || HRCA #HM729375
2002 Uni-Go Trailer ("Starbug 1") || Trailer #499
Monday, October 11, 2004 || 12:20 PM PST

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