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The Great LED Conversion, Part 2 (parts in!)
Written by CalvinFold on 10/14/2004 at 08:25 pm

--- In, "Seth Stern" <unlikelyloginname@y...>
> --- In, "Kevin" <kevin@q...> wrote:
> > ...
> > I didn't realize the replacement digital flasher unit was LED-only,
> so
> > I am now committed to doing all four turn signals on the PC800 when
> I
> > get started. ;-)
> > ...
> Kevin,
> We knew you should have been committed long ago. The ominous gleam
> wasn't coming from LEDs. 8-) Don't forget to increase the insurance
> on Red Dwarf to cover the electronic countermeasures.

Well, I had wanted the backup of being able to do the front and the
back separately, but I can't have incandescents on the
can only handle 2 amps tops.

So while I'd planned on doing all the turn signals to LEDs anyway, now
I'm commited to doing them all at once. That's okay, still beats
wiring-in a bunch of resistors or gizmos to every turn signal

Turns signals are a more mixed bag converted to LEDs...standard bulbs
"fill out" the lense area better (more surface area) than LEDs, but
the LEDs are much more intense and "instant on." So you gain intensity
and more noticeable flashing (especially at night), but smaller
surface area (especially for "running lights" like the front turn
signals). Then again, the front running lights are almost ignorable
during the maybe a smaller surface area but an intensely
visible light is a good trade?

> To those looking for a funkier light show, keep in mind that LEOs
> don't always take kindly to creativity on the road. Colors other
> than white, amber and red may cause undue interest. Blue, in
> particular, is to be avoided if you aren't in the public safety
> business. Any pattern that a skilled operator couldn't produce is
> also suspect. An exponentially decaying brake flash should be
> acceptable. T-bird turn signals seem to be okay. Anything that does
> a wig-wag or side-to-side flash may be confused with an emergency
> vehicle and may net you another citation to put on the refrigerator
> with all the gold stars from kindergarten. Makes mom proud, eh?

Good advice...and it applies to those "mood light" kits that light-up
under the bodywork--blue is bad.

The flasher unit I bought apparently doubles as a brake light unit if
installed on those kinds of circuits and has varying flash modes that
would be incredibly illegal if used with turn signals. Even has
adjustable flash rate.

I'm going to try and find a way to locate it in a slightly different
place than the stock flasher box so I can get at it for making
adjustments to the flash rate...might be interesting to experiment
with faster and slower flash rates on the turn signals. One good spot
might be behind the left speaker blank...same vicinity as stock (so
wires might reach) and that chunk of plastic is only two screws away
for removal.

San Leandro, CA
1996 Honda Pacific Coast 800 ("Red Dwarf")
49,500+ miles || HRCA #HM729375
2002 Uni-Go Trailer ("Starbug 1") || Trailer #499
Thursday, October 14, 2004 || 1:19 PM PST

Message Thread for message #50523

10/14/2004, 07:28 pm
The Great LED Conversion, Part 2 (parts in!)
Well, I got all my arrays and digital flasher unit...still waiting for my E.C. order, but that stuff is minor by comparison. Did some test painting with chrome paint on the enclosure of my test bar. I'll need to paint the center secti