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Headlight Question
Written by lcshepp on 6/29/2001 at 05:08 am

Hi Richie,

To answer question #5 ("Do I have a lemon for a PC?"), the answer would
have to be an emphatic yes.

And in order to spare you any further grief with that lemon, I am
proposing to take it off your hands for a very generous $750.00 (See
Russ, you just don't offer enough... $500.00. Hmph...).

I will even fly to New York to pick it up from you.

Now am I being a nice guy or what?

Placerville, California, USA

'94 Pacific Coast, "Black Beauty", 162000 miles
'89 Pacific Coast, "Shadow Dancer", 40000 miles
iPCRC #72

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Message Thread for message #5469

"Gregg L. DesElms"
8/15/1996, 11:55 am
Newbie; backrest & trunk; which years red?
At 06:28 8/15/96 -0500, Steven D. Turner wrote: > >My ride is an 89 PC800(25,000 mi),it has the tall Honda solar >stove windshield, Get a Rifle. >the common scraping inside the trunk from the rear tire,
6/28/2001, 02:11 am
Headlight Question
Hi All; Well, its finally happened, the headlight on my '90 just burned out after only 11 years and 62000 miles! In 1995 TWO dashlights burned out and the centerstand bolt got loose and I had to tighten it. Oh yes, and I broke a speedo (Roger Prince)
    8/15/1996, 02:16 pm
    Re: Newbie; backrest & trunk; which years red?

    "Gregg L. DesElms"
    8/15/1996, 05:34 pm
    Re: Newbie; backrest & trunk; which years red?
    At 15:16 8/15/96 -0400, Roger Prince wrote: > >1990 is the only factory candy glory red year. 94,95 both black. > If so, then two things about this bike-for-sale are true: 1. He has repainted the lower/trim porti

    6/28/2001, 01:59 pm
    Headlight Question
    Richie: I have to agree with Russ Vernon, you have a lemon for a PC. I wouldn't give you $500.00 for it. If Russ wants it, if I were you, I would sell it to him. Five hundred dollars can buy a lot of Pastrami in New York. And ju

    6/29/2001, 05:08 am
    Headlight Question
    Hi Richie, To answer question #5 ("Do I have a lemon for a PC?"), the answer would have to be an emphatic yes. And in order to spare you any further grief with that lemon, I am proposing to take it off your hands for a ve

    11/29/2005, 11:29 pm
    Headlight Question
    On sunny days, I always use my high beam. You cannot pick up the low beam very well on a bright day............much better visibility with the high beam. Try it for will be convinced. PS: This is standard practice with m

      11/30/2005, 12:27 am
      Headlight Question
      This is also the "recommended" practice suggested by the various Motorcycling safety organisations. Colin GR8 PC --- In

    5/16/2010, 10:27 pm
    Headlight Question
    Does anyone use the PIAA Bulb? If so which one and is anyone converted to the H.I.D Bulb?

      5/17/2010, 12:58 am
      Headlight Question
      Okay, we're talking about light temperature, the heat is not a farenheight equivalent. There is no temperature differentials in the heat the bulb gives off. The other point is, if your PC is like mine, It's housing is glass, so temperatures a

        5/17/2010, 02:50 am
        Headlight Question
        I know of no PC that has any *glass* enclosure. The halogen bulbs are of course encased in glass... hence the reason you do not touch the glass capsule lest it overheat and break. And yes, in fact, we *are* talking about temperature. I ha

          5/17/2010, 11:37 am
          Headlight Question
          I use the PIAA bulb. It is the 15224 and is listed as Extreme White Plus (H4) 55/60 watts. I like it. It replaced a Silver Star. I don't use a modulator. Hope that helps, Robert --- In

        5/17/2010, 02:51 am
        Headlight Question
        Oops, also forgot to mention, the higher wattage bulb will mean less other items you can attach to a PC800 due to it's anemic stator. So there's that to consider. --- In

          5/17/2010, 02:19 pm
          Headlight Question
          Concerning the higher wattages, the light brightness changes with the different bulb heat range, the wattage differnetial is nominal. If one is using a real HID bulb, the system uses less energy to produce more light than the halogens, last u

        5/17/2010, 09:06 pm
        Headlight Question
        Kenney, How about a P.N. on the Sylvania bulb?? Stephen Sr. --- In, "cykleman" <cy

          5/18/2010, 03:30 am
          Headlight Question
          Stephen Your Sylvania Part number is H4ST...The H4 bulb, Siver is quite impressive the first time you change to it. Your periferal view is much improved as well. --- In