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PC800 Clutch Springs
Written by rudyg1937 on 5/24/2007 at 06:37 pm

Probably the best bet is to watch eBay. They seem to go for around
$100 to $140 on there. I just sold 2 of them on there and I have a
Clearview coming for mine so I will have another but it also has a
Laminar lip on it.

I finally got a phone call from Clearview announcing the shipment of
my windscreen. If you want one of these be prepared to wait. I
ordered mine sometime in March. The expected delivery date was moved
once then the actual shipping date is another 10 days after that.
Apparently, mine has a blemish below the vent and he offered me a
discount if I took it. That is a lot better customer service than
shipping it to me and hoping I wouldn't complain. I figure I'll
never look below the vent so I took it. Other than the slow
shipping, and this is the busy season, I have no complaints so far.

When this arrives I will test ride it. If it passes my test ride I
will offer my other shield to the list and then eBay. It is a stock
1989 shield with the Laminar Lip mounted on it about 1" over the top
so it is about the same height as the stock 1998 shield. I sold a
stock 1998 shield on eBay for $125 and a new lip is $75 so I figure
the shield and lip should be worth about $150 to anybody who is
interested. The catch is you have to wait till I test the new shield
which should be here next week. I have pictures available or just go
to my Yahoo picture page which I have posted here enough time people
are probably tired of it.

1998 PC800 ? Bike With No Name
1992 Yamaha Riva Razz 50cc scooter
1987 Honda VFR700F2
1974 Suzuki TS125
1972 Suzuki TS90
2003 Honda TRX350 Rancher ATV

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5/24/2007, 03:37 am
PC800 Clutch Springs
What brand of Clutch Springs should I buy and where on line can I purchase them? Euene

    5/24/2007, 10:59 am
    PC800 Clutch Springs
    You have a few options. One is to order Honda replacements from Service Honda Or you could go to your local indep

    5/24/2007, 11:18 am
    PC800 Clutch Springs
    Clutch Springs I used: I bought them MSC Indudtrial Supply, not McMaster-Carr Part # 00603811 They are $5.45 each (You will need 5) Ron --- In

    5/24/2007, 12:23 pm
    PC800 Clutch Springs
    While on clutch, any suggestions on best replacement clutch itself?? or is my slippage at 68k miles probably tired springs?? It does hook up, it just is too easy to slip it; even a sudden full throttle in 5th at highway speed will cause a sli

      5/24/2007, 12:40 pm
      PC800 Clutch Springs
      -Probably just the springs as the stock ones are rather wimpy. Mine was slipping pretty badly by the time I changed the springs, but the clutch discs were fine. Ron -- In

        5/24/2007, 02:34 pm
        PC800 Clutch Springs
        Ron, How many miles and how long since you changed to hte new s.s. springs. Fred --- In, "

          5/24/2007, 02:48 pm
          PC800 Clutch Springs
          Fred, A little over a year ago. About 5-6K miles maybe. I'm wondering about how the temper of the S/S springs is compared to the standard spring steel if that is your concern. Time will tell. Ron --- In

            5/24/2007, 03:01 pm
            PC800 Clutch Springs
            Ron, That was what I was thinking. Years back, about 35, I had some special springs made for high temperature tooling that hooked to exhaust manifolds on engine test stands, the material was 18-8 stainless steel and I don't remember how 30

              5/24/2007, 03:06 pm
              PC800 Clutch Springs
              Hi all, I would like to buy a used wind screen for my '96 PC. Do you have by any chance one that you don't use? (even if scratched) Thanks, Emiliano

                5/24/2007, 06:37 pm
                PC800 Clutch Springs
                Probably the best bet is to watch eBay. They seem to go for around $100 to $140 on there. I just sold 2 of them on there and I have a Clearview coming for mine so I will have another but it also has a Laminar lip on it. I finally got a

              5/24/2007, 03:14 pm
              PC800 Clutch Springs
              Fred, I changed the friction plates to Barnetts also. I did not want to but the first springs I ordered (from a parts dealer) were the wrong diameter and would not seat the clutch pressure plate properly. I took the bike for a fairly l

    5/24/2007, 03:19 pm
    PC800 Clutch Springs
    Since I got 100K out of the original springs I went with OEM and got them from Service Honda. My plates were glazed so I replaced them too. -----Original Message----- From: