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Re: handlebar bag
Written by sax_net on 8/27/2007 at 12:08 pm

I received a glovebox kit from Neil awhile ago, but have to admit it's
still not assembled. Not due to complexity, just time. Anyhow, here's
the response I got from him back in Feb 2006. He was getting out of
making them, but had asked for anyone interested in picking it up...
There was a respondent, Sandie Rosenthal, a seamstress in Beltsville,
MD, DreamsSewn@... (AMA #750244, GWRRA #140361, IPCRC #2293) who
implied that she would try her hand at production and she got a kit just
like the one you got. I was planning to let it go at that. You can feel
free to try and make a downloadable drawing, but I guess I'd like to see
Sandie get as many opportunities to sell bags as she can handle. Posting
the patterns would perhaps dilute her potential market. As far as other
pictures, I would think there were some around The Net but I'm not sure
If you want to make some small donation to the Glovebox Maker's
Retirement fund, PayPal to neillnsteph@... would be appreciated
but is not really necessary. I kind of look at the whole project (which
ran for about 6 years) as one of my contributions to the PC800 community
and this is just the last phase of it. I actually feel somewhat relieved
that now I can refer people to Sandie if they want a Glovebox.

That's all I know about the situation.

'95 PC

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