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Clutch Replacement
Written by rudyg1937 on 1/17/2009 at 08:21 pm

Well, this has turned into a real PIA. I hate aftermarket
suppliers. I would have been screaming if it had been summer. I got
the KG stiffer springs #KGS-035 listed for the PC. Well they were
too small diameter to fit the PC. I emailed the company and almost 2
weeks later, after they reopened in the new year, they said their
application list was wrong and they were sending me the correct
springs, KGS-037. A few days later I get a package and the springs
actually fit over the clutch pressure plate. One minor problem, the
PC has 5 springs and the package has 4. Another email, another few
days wait and another package. Now I have 8 springs (along with 5 of
another size that supposedly fit a Yamaha Venture) so I can assemble
my bike. I install the new clutch plates, put on the side cover,
screw on a new oil filter and while I am over there I grab the clutch
lever to see how hard it is. Hmmmm, seems a little harder than my
front brake. Isn't this supposed to pull back to the handlebar?
Take the clutch cover back off. Thankfully I have not added oil
yet. Unscrew the spring bolts 3 turns and the clutch works. So now
apparently the springs are coil binding. Now I am beyond a wee bit
upset. I went over to my used spark plugs, found 5 14mm plugs with
the crush washer on them. Removed the washers and inserted them
under the stock springs. This is an old trick we used to use at the
shop. Here are some results.
OEM spring pull (taken on my 94) - 12 pounds
OEM springs with the washers - 14 pounds
KG springs unscrewed 3 turns - 24 pounds


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