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sorry let this be my first post
Written by mikeyb_houtex on 7/19/2009 at 11:49 pm

I am SO very sorry for misleading you all regarding the risers... they're not
for the VTX, but for a Venture. Here's where I found the things:\

They look a lot like the Genmar's 1 inch risers for 1 inch handlebars, and work
the same, except they're 1.5 inch tall. They're also a little wider by about
1/16 or so on either side of the mounting area, but it doesn't interfere with
anything, near as I can tell.

A word of caution... they didn't exactly want to go on. Oh, they fit the
mounting area, and the bars aren't an issue... it's the mounting holes.

The holes on the risers and the holes on the PC800's triple clamp and handle bar
clamp don't all exactly line up. The Venture riser's holes are off by just a
smidge. Maybe a tad. Enough to make getting the bolts in a little interesting,
but once you do, it bolts right up, no issues whatsoever that I recall. Just
had to start them all before bolting. Think I did the bottoms first, then the

When it's all bolted up, they're flush on the triple clamp, and the bars are
flush in the risers, and the top caps are also flush and holding, and the bolts
are in, no problems. Bars aren't going anywhere.

After a few hundreds of miles and months, there have been no issues... with the
exception of if I turn the bars to lock... right? Can't recall... the choke
gets changed to 'off' for some reason. So I don't do that when it's warming up.
That's it. No other issues. Well, the bike is much more comfortable for me,
that issue has come up...

As said before, they're not exactly *for* the PC800. If you get them, you may
want to bore out the mounting holes to make the job easier, make them a tad
larger, or elongate the holes 'inwards' to each other.

You also may want to get longer bolts to make yourself feel better. I have no
issues, but that's just me. I probably should. I'll think about it, I seem to
remember thinking there was plenty enough threads being used, and that was in
comparison to the ones for the Genmars, about the same as I recall.

Above all, I wouldn't want to have anyone use my results and get hurt or be
worried. Do what YOU need to do regarding this, I wash my hands if you get
screwed up, or screw something on the bike up. Handlebars are rather important,
and I wouldn't have finished up my job and rode on if I didn't feel safe.

That's the most important part of this: YOU BE SAFE, got it? If you do them,
make sure you're cool with them or don't use them. Check your cables,
operations, all that. 1.5" risers are about all the PC can take re: wiring and
cables wise. Some may have issues. Issues that might be... untowards if you
use them. So be safe. You have been officially warned.

There. That ought to be enough CYA talk. :D And if you're still 'in' after all
that, hope it helps and good luck!

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