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VTX1100 rear drive replacement
Written by dave_hiett on 8/13/2009 at 01:33 am

Dick and Jeff both had good comments. I've got about 5K on mine, and I'm keeping
it. It is SO NICE to hit 60 (in 4th) then pop into 5th for the wide open road! I
posted some shots of the VT1100 speedo/tach readings in the photo section you
can look at. For example, 5G used to mean 75mph, now it's 85 mph; this drive
really turns the PC into an 'Interstate Eater'. I got a little better MPG
improvement than Jeff, especially at interstate+ speeds; but that's not why I
made the change and if that's all you are after, I'd say it's not worth it.

As to passing, and handling hills/twisties, it's all a matter of gearing - your
shift points and 'sweet spots' will jump up about 5 mph, which might take some
time to get used to. So if you are used to punching at 60 in 5th to pass, you'll
do better in 4th. When I get 150K on Happy Dog, I'll let you know how the clutch
does! I only get a little concerned starting out in first on a steep hill,
otherwise I can't feel any difference.

Like Dick says, there are lots of previous posts on this subject that can help
you with the changeout.

As to the tire, I'm out of my element there. Good Luck! Dave

--- In, "Chris" <c.amiels@...> wrote:
> Hello I have a 1990 with 48678 miles. I have owned it since 1992 with 1200
miles on it .I am always looking for that 6th gear.I read about changing out the
rear drive/end with one off a vt1100.Could anyone help me out with this? Is it a
direct swap out? Are there certain years you can only use? do u need to make any
custom parts.
> I am also now looking for the biggest and widest rear tire to put on does
anyone have any info on this? a 140/80-15 is stock will a 150/90-15 fit or can
you get away with a 170/80-15

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