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Broken tail light
Written by unlikelylogi... on 11/20/2009 at 03:51 pm

--- In, jwswingle@... wrote:
>... ignorant pedestrians in parking lots ...


The solution is to add an Original Incredibell (black) to the brake lever.

(Yes, the different colors sound different.)

Cut the bottom half off the mounting clamp so that the threaded insert is flush
with the bottom and the other side of the loop is just a tad long. File the
"other side" to sit on the brake lever so that the mounting won't rotate, drill
through the thin web at the base of the lever and mount the bell with a little

Great for parking lots and squids. When someone on a crotch rocket is revving
their engine next to you at a red light, just ring the bell. You can ride off
while they're still laughing.


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