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'90 PC 800 cuts out
Written by pogomann2002 on 2/4/2010 at 04:41 am

Hi and Welcome,
Since "cut out" can mean a few different things to folks, I'm going to suggest
you eliminate the potential fuel issue first. The PC has a vacuum operated fuel
shut off. That is , there needs to be vacuum to hold the valve open. It is
located under the false tank top just in front of the fuel door. Many have
replaced this valve with a "T" and plugged the vacuum lines. I would check the
condition of the vacuum hoses to be sure there are no leaks, or simply replace
the lines to the valve. There is also a rebuild kit if you prefer to remain

The PC is fairly robust in the ignition department with the exception of the
kill switch and side stand switch both of which are easily
tested/replaced/repaired. There are not many complaints of failed ignition coils
or ignition electronics.

good hunting.

--- In, "asknreceiveken@..." <asknreceiveken@...> wrote:
> I am a brand new member. Thank you Leland Sheppard. My PC started having the
problem of just completely cutting out while driving, a few years ago. When I
pull over, it will start up again and used to travel on for a while. It would
stay running in the yard for 20 minutes or so but now it stops real quickly. I
developed a 2nd problem which I thought might solve the first problem after I
had the carburators cleaned out because of the fuel additives. No dice. It feels
like a coil problem that would happen in the older cars. When the engine heated
up the coils would seperate and the car would stop but the bike has two coils
and it figures the bike would run on one cylinder, if roughly. Make sense ??
Now, when I start it up it will only run for a few seconds before stopping. A
number of years ago I had the same symptom and after a long diagnostic search I
found a tear in the diaphram in the auto fuel valve. The gas filter has been
replaced but not the fuel pump. The air filter appears clean. I have
disconnected the safety switch on the kick stand.I now realize the battery needs
replacing but I don't think that has anything to do with the problem. I would
appreciate any feedback that's out there. Thank you !!

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