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Tupperware Tabectomy
Written by skyeenter on 2/11/2010 at 06:12 am

Bruce, I'm assuming your looking for item # 8 on this Fiche.\

I may have one, but it's 14 degrees in the garage. Sitting behind a pile of
crap and the van's sitting in front of that crap.

Let me know by the part # what you need. I'll move crap on Friday and get back
to you.

As for the cracked piece. Early in my repair mode I did your method of just
putting the acetone in the crack. Didn't think it was as secure as I liked.
Started grinding out a small channel with a dremel on both sides for all my
cracks and then added Plastifix in the grove. Made a stronger and more secure

Here's another trick I found when rebuilding Tupperware tabs. I place the
Tupperware part on the bike and hand tighten the fasteners. I take my broken
tab and fasten it on the frame. I then fashion small pieces of extra ABS
plastic to match the broken tab and the Tupperware part and use Plastifix to
secure in place. Once the weld sets I remove and build up the gaps with
Plastifix. When set I grind with the dremel until the tab conforms to the
original shape.
This way I'm able to get the angles and hole location in the exact spot and the
tupperware is not strained by the fastener when reassembling.

I believe with a Dremel and Plastifix you can rebuild just about any plastic
piece on the PC. I took a mirror cover that was shattered in about 8 pieces,
with many hairline cracks, and painstakingly brought it back to new. Once
painted you could not tell it from the OEM part.

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2/9/2010, 08:37 pm
Tupperware Tabectomy
On Leland's PC Annual Tour (P.A.T.) last September, I added to the first day's excitement by scattering bits of Blue Pacific and myself across the countryside. I have since recovered, and I am attempting to do the same for BP. I have collecte

    2/9/2010, 09:14 pm
    Tupperware Tabectomy
    You can EASILY rebuild the tab(s) with Plastex ( or one of the other similar products that others have posted in the past. You can even reinforce them with a little piece of

    2/9/2010, 10:10 pm
    Tupperware Tabectomy
    Looks like $55 and change from Service Honda if all else fails. Dick MacInnes

      2/10/2010, 04:19 am
      Tupperware Tabectomy
      Actually, MSRP for the "COWL SET, L. FR. (UPPER)", p/n 64214-MR5-870, is $358.53, and the Service Honda price is $244.52 + s/h. And yes, I can build up a brand new tab with Plastex, or PlastiFix, or even with my plastic welder a

        2/10/2010, 04:43 am
        Tupperware Tabectomy
        Not here to argue - curious how it would be easier to attach a tab? What method would you use? > ...And yes, I can build up a brand new tab with Plastex, or PlastiFix, or even with my plastic welder and supply of ABS stock, however, it

          2/10/2010, 04:08 pm
          Tupperware Tabectomy
          How would I attach a new tab to the broken fairing? Once the tab and fairing are shaped to fit together as seamlessly as possible, they can be connected together in a couple of ways: 1. thermal welding 2. solvent welding The fir

            2/10/2010, 04:53 pm
            Tupperware Tabectomy
            Thanks for the informative post - I will bookmark it for later reference! --- In, &q

            7/22/2010, 09:19 am
            Tupperware Tabectomy
            Wish I'd known about this a couple years ago! Could have saved myself a ton of JB Weld madness (which all subsequently cracked anyway). 4 oz. of 100% Acetone for 97 cents at Wally World next to the nail polish remover! A syringe or even a