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+Re:Towing Straps
Written by gamick08 on 3/25/2010 at 02:55 pm

PCs are not the easiest bikes to tie down and haul. Hard to find attachment
points. Hard to keep straps from chaffing the paint. Here's how I haul
mine in my WW Toyhauler RV.

I use a front wheel chock that locks into the floor. It's very important to
hold the front wheel straight. Tie it in place if you don't have a wheel
chock in your trailer/truck.

I use a CanyonDancer II device across the handlebars to provide secure tie
down points at the front. The II version has plastic cups that go over the
end of bars instead of the fabric sleeves the original version had. These
used to wad up the rubber grips and move them in.

I use a tie down from each end of the CanyonDancer to a point on the floor
forward and outboard of each handlebar end. Whether its a ratchet
or camlock tiedown doesn't matter, BUT it needs to be a good brand. Cheap
ones are disappointing and dangerous. Pull the front end down good so it
doesn't move around much.

I also use a tiedown strap from the kickstand area to the front wheel chock
to pull the bike forward into the chock.

I use a tiedown at each rear corner secured to the seat rails w/ a nylon
double loop strap that comes from the same folks that make the tiedowns.
These go to the rear and side of each rear corner of the bike to keep it
from sliding back and forth sideways. To keep the straps from chaffing the
paint I use a piece of contact paper (the shelf protecting stuff found in
the housewares section at WalMart) under the stap. It peels right off when
your done. Pull these rear tiedowns good, but they don't have to be as
tight at the fronts.

Because of its length the bike has to sit at an angle in the "garage area"
of the RV. It would be much better if it were to sit front to back
squarely. I've hauled my PC thousands of miles this way. It's our "other
vehicle" when were on the road.

The bit on cheap tie downs is important. Some aren't worth much.

Loveland CO

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