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Seat upgrades?
Written by skyeenter on 4/19/2010 at 03:26 pm

I've got two seats, one Corbin and the other stock. Don't care much for the
stock: puckers the butt cheeks and starts to make my arse ache after about 40

The Corbin I can straddle all day.

As for the "chapped arse" syndrome, too many blame the bike seat, 'cause they
don't know about the cause.

Wicking the sweat away is the key to keeping the skin fresh and dry. Too much
hyperhydydration and the skin can't breath, becomes over saturated and produces
inflammation, hence the "chapped arse" bike seat syndrome. Applying skin
topical's only temporarily alleviates the problem by mostly numbing the nerve
endings of the skin, with the cremes making it worse by clogging the pores and
increasing the skin saturation. The only solution is to keep the skin dry and

I highly recommend the type of bicycle riding underwear that's designed for
wicking moisture away from your butt. If anyone gets "monkey butt" it
professional cyclists. Think contact points, about the size of a .50 cent
piece, on that bicycle seat. The underwear was designed for them to help keep
them in the saddle advertising their sponsors as they pedal arse about the

Last June I was in the saddle for about 10 hours total one day and never had a
crying urge from the backside wearing the biking underwear/biking shorts over
them combo. The combo is the best I can do for myself when riding the Corbin.

So, do yourself a favor, search sporting goods/bike shops/ebay or anywhere else
you can find a reasonable deal and buy yourself at least two pair of wicking
underwear, and one spandex/lycra bike shorts with a high quality chamois/padded
insert. The chamois, today is made from synthetic materials, so you don't have
to put the creme on them after washing. But make sure it's high quality, so it
can release heat and prevent infection, if's it's not good quality you defeat
the purpose of sitting on them.

When it comes to cheap your arse should not suffer, otherwise it'll remind you
that you're a cheap ass. Alternate the pair of underwear, they dry in about 2
hours after hand washing, and start to enjoy your next long day(s) rides. Skye

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4/19/2010, 01:25 am
Seat upgrades?
So today I was in the seat for my first trip on this bike. I have to say the more I ride it the more impressed I am with it. I have owned many, and bween riding 25+ years, but this is about the best all arounder I've ever owned. I'll get

    4/19/2010, 01:47 am
    Seat upgrades?
    There are several. I have a custom fitted seat from a gentleman just South of Redding, CA. All black leather; seat, passenger seat and backrest. Very nicely done and much more comfortable. Dick MacInnes

    4/19/2010, 01:55 am
    Seat upgrades?
    I have heard stories that the PC can cook in the corners. I did a seat comparison today. My "old" 96 has the stock seat and my "new" 96 has a Corbins. I have been riding the new bike lately while trying to sell the old bike.

    4/19/2010, 02:45 am
    Seat upgrades?
    My behind parts are not burning after 4 days of riding, including today's 450+ mile return trip that took about 7 hours of riding (with a stop for lunch) to complete. Then there was the going up, about the same 450 miles, and about the sa

      4/19/2010, 01:02 pm
      Seat upgrades?
      I think you are right. As the trip wore on I could manage my hind end discomfort (plus I think I will get use to the seat) but my knees were killing me. I have just given up a cruiser for this one, and while I do not like the riding position

        4/19/2010, 03:08 pm
        Seat upgrades?
        I came from a cruiser with forward highway pegs to the PC last fall. Recently I figured out that it is more comfortable for me to ride with the stock PC pegs when I'm further forward in the seat than when I'm further back in the seat. All of

    4/19/2010, 03:24 am
    Seat upgrades? This solved the problem for me, (and for my girlfriend), on both the PC and the V-Strom. Easily transferred between the bikes. Mike &

      4/19/2010, 12:21 pm
      Seat upgrades?
      I think every time this topic comes up Mike mentions his beads, and I mention my ButtBuffer pad, so here goes! I've done a lot of miles in the past 10 months and can honestly say the stock seat isn't that bad (but then again I was riding Jap

    4/19/2010, 11:04 am
    Seat upgrades?
    I have a Rick Mayer seat, since 2005 and about 85,000 mi., and it's great. I'll be in your neighboorhood on Thursday of this week (on route for the weekend in western SC) if you want to try it out. I'll also be at the Eastern Shore Ride in Ch

      4/19/2010, 01:15 pm
      Seat upgrades?
      Hey Tim, That would be great! I will buy you a cup of joe, or barley water, your choice. As of this moment Thursday is still up in the air as I might have an engagement finally close and I'd have to go. But hopefully we get a chance to meet u

      4/19/2010, 05:06 pm
      Seat upgrades?
      I'd like to add my amen to what Tim says. I don't have a seat/chair/sofa anywhere in house/shop/cage that is as comfortable as Rick's custom seat. My only complaint is/was his lousy customer relations. Delivery was 3 months late. I had to buy

    4/19/2010, 03:26 pm
    Seat upgrades?
    I've got two seats, one Corbin and the other stock. Don't care much for the stock: puckers the butt cheeks and starts to make my arse ache after about 40 miles. The Corbin I can straddle all day. As for the "chapped arse"

      4/19/2010, 03:45 pm
      Seat upgrades?
      I hope your right about the Corbin. I just bought two pairs of bicycle liner shorts from Nashbar for $30 each. The liners are nice because there is less material than regular bike shorts. Your right about keeping the buttocks dry, I also plan

        4/20/2010, 02:16 pm
        Seat upgrades?
        I always wear bike shorts on long trips- I've tried both kinds- the regular padded bike shorts and the padded liners for under regular shorts. I think the regular bike shorts do a better job. Nashbar has the liners and shorts on sale in the l

      4/19/2010, 05:08 pm
      Seat upgrades?
      I think you must be right. A couple years ago a buddy and I rode to Myrtle Beach in the summer. Knowing it would be hot as Hades I decided to change my underattire. I put on my regular boxer briefs but added a set of spandex biker/jogger shor

      4/19/2010, 10:26 pm
      Seat upgrades?
      So we're back to the "monkey butt" thread, are we? A good seat will make a lot of difference, but when it gets hot and sticky, I find myself becoming, shall we say, uncomfortable no mattter how good the seat is. Stretch underwear al

        4/19/2010, 10:33 pm
        Seat upgrades?
        Too much information(:(: --- In, Revill Dunn <actual.revill@...> wrote: > > So w

        4/19/2010, 10:51 pm
        Seat upgrades?
        Revill SHAVES THE DAY! Er... um... saves. Sorry - that was a BUM joke. The more I type the more I make an ASS of myself. Still, it does CRACK me up. --- In

          4/20/2010, 01:23 am
          Seat upgrades?
          Wow, this has to be the most active thread I've ever seen here... Nice. I'll remember that when I wanna liven up the place. :D Mike '95 PC800, "Ride" --- In

        4/20/2010, 02:06 am
        Seat upgrades?
        Revill, then you have to remember you get the ingrown hairs and stubble, and how you gonna explain that 5 o'clock shadow to your wife or bunk mate. --- In

        4/20/2010, 02:18 am
        Seat upgrades?
        OK, gotta say, when I asked the question I could have never imagined that would have been one of the remedies. Wow, I can imagine what happens after this crowd has had a few... --- In

      4/20/2010, 01:24 pm
      Seat upgrades?
      Aw, don't make him the BUTT of the joke! Jon