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Seat upgrades?
Written by actual_revill on 4/19/2010 at 10:26 pm

So we're back to the "monkey butt" thread, are we? A good seat will
make a lot of difference, but when it gets hot and sticky, I find
myself becoming, shall we say, uncomfortable no mattter how good the
seat is. Stretch underwear also helps. But the one thing that will
make a BIG difference is... part of you.

Before you head out on that long summer trip, get your clippers out
and carefully trim the hairs on your, um, posterior and upper thighs
where they contact the seat. They're the cause of that general ache
you get after an hour or so. As you sweat and squirm, the hairs get
glued to your skin and pull. And pull. And pull. Before long, you
have a fundimental soreness down there. If there aren't any hairs to
pull, it doesn't happen.


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