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Seat upgrades?
Written by eegah_yai on 4/20/2010 at 02:16 pm

I always wear bike shorts on long trips- I've tried both kinds- the regular
padded bike shorts and the padded liners for under regular shorts. I think the
regular bike shorts do a better job.
Nashbar has the liners and shorts on sale in the latest catalog that came this

My girlfriend was always complaining of a sore butt before the bead seats. So
this morning, after reading the post about shaving, and while she was still
sleeping, I thought maybe I would do her a favor, and got the razor and shaving
cream down from the bathroom. Didn't find any hair in that area though, and
while getting the camera ready to take photos to show the group, she woke the way, anyone have a spare room they might rent for a month or so?

There must be something to that hair theory though- I've got hairy lower legs,
and when I'm wearing long underwear for a long day of work or hunting, after a
while the pulling of the hair drives me crazy.


In, "Gib" <gibinmich@...> wrote:
I just bought two pairs of bicycle liner shorts from Nashbar for $30 each.

>In, Revill Dunn <actual.revill@...> wrote:
Before you head out on that long summer trip, get your clippers out
and carefully trim the hairs on your, um, posterior and upper thighs
where they contact the seat.

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