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Fuel Filter replacement
Written by c172myp51 on 4/23/2010 at 04:17 pm

Wow. I'm kind of excited, and can't wait to pass along something important...
I just had the most exciting PC ride EVER!! The whole time I was thinking "what
if I wreck & don't get to pass this along to the guys on the list?!"

In a nutshell:
1.) Replaced my fuel filter
2.) My bike's a crotch rocket!

Seriously guys, if you have the original filter in your bike, go get a
replacement NOW & do this. I'm going to cobble together a video to share with
everyone (since I didn't film the actual change yesterday).
Like Dick said earlier, it's not a HARD fix, just a little time consuming &
getting your fingers & tools into cramped space.
I noticed:
1.) Idle speed was greatly improved. The tach shot up to 2 or 3K quickly and
stayed there.
2.) Take off speed is GREATLY improved. This is what the PO must have
experienced in 98 when he bought this bike.
3.) I can "feel" the bike. I know this sounds hokey, but I honestly noticed the
suspension working on my bike, and the other finer points of the bike that I've
never really felt.

Can't type more now, but hopefully somebody else will read this post & do what I
did. It's like making my PC a new bike!


--- In, "Leland C. Sheppard" <lcshepp@...> wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> > $5 + 8 or 9 shipping! I happened to stop by Hanover Powersports and
> > they had generic "Gold Wing Style" fuel filters, which she looked up
> > and told me fit the PC, for $3.95!
> > Now I've got to get motivated & actually install the thing.
> The Gold Wing filter IS the PC filter - one and the same.
> OTOH, why bother?
> I replaced the filter on my '94 at 120,000 miles because I couldn't
> believe it wouldn't need replacing.
> Wrong...
> We cut it open to see what was inside. Very damn little.
> I won't bother with the others.
> My PCs now have 90,000, 117,000, 105,000 and 31,500 miles on their fuel
> filters with NO indication of any problems whatsoever...
> FWIW...
> Leland
> --
> Leland Sheppard
> Placerville, California, USA
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> '96 Pacific Coast/SuperSport sidecar, "Handsome Hannigan", 31,150 miles
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