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Braided Stainless Steel Brake and Clutch lines Group Buy.
Written by ridearoundth... on 4/25/2010 at 06:04 pm

Hey everyone. Some time back I had queried the group for a set of lines to use
as a template for an aircraft supply shop in CA that sold me lines for my 919 to
prep for making lines for anyone in the group who would want them.

One of our own, unlikelyloginname, sent me lines from his 97 but they are
definitely different from the ones for my 89. Long story short, over the winter
down time I have taken his lines and mine and shipped them to G&J aircraft in
Ontario, CA who created a set of templates so they can make brake lines and
clutch lines for anyone in the group who would like them. They now have
templates to make brake lines for 1989, 90, 97 & 98 and a clutch line for all
years. I did not have 94-96 lines to send them so if one of you wants a set for
those years you can send them the lines and they will make them for you.

Pricing is reasonable and the lines are well made. I think the way they
stiffened up the feel at the lever is excellent. One of the better mods I've

Complete kit consisting of 3 brake lines and one clutch line - $85 +ship
3 brake line kit - $56.95 +ship
Clutch line - $28.75 +ship
Banjo washers are $0.25 each and you need 11 for the brake and 4 for the clutch.
Color combinations are no additional cost but since you barely see the lines?
Shipping should be around $8, less if you are in CA but they you need to pay

You deal directly with G&J at 909.986.6534. Their web is gandjaircraft(dot)net.

Finally, a tip Cliff at G&J gave me that worked great. It's a super fast way to
prime your lines after installation. Using a turkey baster, get a piece of hose
that fits the bleeder and the baster. Use the baster to force fluid up the
line. Start at the furthest caliper then the closest. It took a few minutes to
force the fluid up the lines but way less than it normally takes to bleed from
the top side.

Hope you take advantage to upgrade or just replace almost 20 year old hoses.

Enjoy and Ride Well.

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