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Handlebar fix
Written by daviddockstader on 4/25/2010 at 10:29 pm

Go back a bit in the messages and there will be a bunch of posts about adding
risers. A solid block riser will bring the bars up and closer because of the
fork angle. There are also risers that allow you to pivot the bars forward and
back. see As far as I know Rox just makes their
risers in 7/8 and 1 1/8 sizes (common for off road and dual sport), and not the
1" we need. They do make a riser to fit 7/8 clamps and 1 1/8 bar which could be
used on the PC with shims. I have a set of these on my KLX 650. Right now I've
got more pressing problems, like coons nesting in my attic, but eventually I'm
doing something to the PC because right now I'm leaning forward more than I like
for a long trip.

It is also possible to gain a little by loosening the clamps and rolling the
handlebars back a bit. You can't go too far because you kink the choke cable,
but you gain a little. I've already done this and it helped some.

--- In, "stanwalton@..." <stanwalton@...> wrote:
> HI, I just purchased a 97 PC800 and find the handlebars a bit far for my reach
(I'm 5'9"). My feet fit comfortably on the ground when stoped, but arms are
under a bit of stress.. Are there any fixes for this problem?
> Thanks

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