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Handlebar fix
Written by kdskinner on 4/26/2010 at 02:34 am

On Apr 25, 2010, at 11:26 AM, stanwalton@... wrote:

> HI, I just purchased a 97 PC800 and find the handlebars a bit far for my reach
(I'm 5'9"). My feet fit comfortably on the ground when stoped, but arms are
under a bit of stress.. Are there any fixes for this problem?
> Thanks

Years ago I picked up a way to do a cheap set of risers here on the list. I
raises the bars about an inch and allows you to rotate the bars back about 2
inches without having to do anything to the clutch cable. I did it and have
ridden my PC for about 10 years with them done this way with no problems. I have
personally known several other PCer's that did this and it worked like a charm
for them.

What you do is pick up a set of handlebar top clamps and a set of 4 of the seat
bolts for that are for the Honda Backrest. Those bolts are longer than the ones
you already have on the present handlebar clamps. You take the handlebars out of
the existing clamps and then flip the existing bar clamps over with the cupped
sides pointing up. You then place the handlebars in the cups and put the new top
clamps over this. Put the bolts in and as you tighten adjust the handlebars back
as far as you can and still allow clearance so the bars don't hit the shelter
cover when you turn the handlebars to full stop. Check both right and left, my
bike is different probably due to the prior owner tweaking the bars at some
point. You will also have to push the metal ring that is around the key when it
is in the ignition to bend it down. Have a copy made of your key (a good time to
get at least two copies made) and file the head of the key down on each side so
it will clear the ring when you are turning the key. Some people have even gone
as far as getting a knob at Radio Shack and epoxying it onto the end of the key
(after they riveted a piece of metal on to extend the top of the key. Works good
and was under $15 bucks back when I did it.

As always, I must say that you do this at your own risk. I assume no
responsibility for this design and only offer it as a method that has worked for

Doug in Kentucky
1989 Pacific Coast
2001 Helix

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