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Braided Stainless Steel Brake and Clutch lines Group Buy.
Written by arvid800 on 4/26/2010 at 03:24 am

I ordered from Galfer, ( ) SS brakelines ,
front complete, order number FK003D378-3 for my bike when I put in
progressive springs and had everything off anyway.
Very happy with them, but can't remember the price I paid.
For the clutch, You can order the banjo's and the correct length of SS
from them too...


Den 26.04.2010 03:50, skrev DICK MACINNES:
> Of God, now I have to stir the grey matter...
> The company is Paragon Performance, PO Box 143, Lake Arrowhead, Ca
> 92352. 1-800-270-0333.
> sales@... <>
> Unknown if they still do these but I sent them a set of lines and got
> some
> nice ones back, plus the old lines. They have worked great for the last
> several years.
> They may be gone due to the economy problem, but they gave me some really
> nice lines.
> Dick

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